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UN-SERIES – Urinalysis Modular System


Modularity advantage:

*The UC-3500 is not available for sale in the US or US territories.

  • The Sysmex urinalysis modularity concept provides a smart walkaway system to improve workflow and productivity.
  • The proven technology in UF-5000 and UC-3500 enables particles to be distinguished more effectively.
  • Intuitive user interface enables real time verification to minimize manual microscopic review.
  • The UD-10 particle digital imaging device increases clinical confidence by eliminating subjective result interpretation and repeat testing.

Fully Automated Particle Analyzer

Advanced technology:

The heart and core technology of the UN-Series is the unique urine fluorescence flow cytometry, featured on the UF-5000.
For a more powerful determination of urinary particles, up to 17 diagnostics parameters:

  • Improved discrimination between RBC and crystals;
  • Differentiation of epithelial cell and casts;
  • Improved differentiation of hyaline casts from mucus;
  • Bacteria differentiation in less than a minute.
Fluorescence flow cytometry with blue laser


Fully Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer

The UC3500 is not available for sale in the US or US territories.

  • Fast and reliable throughput up to 276 samples per hour.
  • New technology for photometry with Color CMOS sensor.
  • Standalone or integrated with UF-5000 analyzer as a true walkaway analyzer.
  • Additional kidney disorder screening with creatinine, albumin, Protein / Creatinine ratio and Albumin / Creatinine ratio capability.

Advanced technology:
Refractometry flow cell and reflectance photometry with CMOS sensor:
  • Photometry is performed with smart CMOS sensor image enabling high-accuracy measurement.
  • The optimized detection area of the smart sensor automatically detects test strip positioning.
  • The measurements on each test pad of a test strip uses four wavelengths (430, 565, 660 and 735 nm).

Fully Automated Urine Particle Digital Imaging Device

  • An imaging device that improves efficiency and productivity in the urine testing field
  • This particle imaging device uses a high definition CCD camera to recognize the difference in luminance between the particles and the background.
  • Intuitive user interface panel enables real time verification without manual microscopic review
  • Throughput is 50 samples per hour. Flexible to integrate with UF-5000 into a true walkaway urine system

Advanced technology:
Imaging chamber:
  • Images only when needed: After pre-selection through UF only pathological samples are being photographed in the UD-10 imaging chamber.

Increase walk-away time and your lab’s productivity while giving more clinical value!

  • The Sysmex’s UN-Series covers the complete urinalysis workflow while offering maximum flexibility.
    You can select your solution to set up the workflow as you need it. Whatever your choice, it means there will be no more hands-on urinalysis as the whole process is automated.

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The UC-3500 is not available for sale in the US or US territories.

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